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Time is running out and you may be leaving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. We've helped more than 50 companies claim the employee retention credits they are entitled to. Many had no idea they qualified, or thought they didn't when in fact many have qualified for $21,000 on the low end to more than $1 million.


If you haven't looked into the ERC Program, you need to reach out to us to help determine your eligibility.


We'll Determine Your Eligility at NO COST to You

If you qualify, we will work out the credit amount you’re owed and will work with you to file with the IRS for your refund. And, we do this for a low flat fee of $1,495 per qualifying quarter, unlike others that are charging 10-20% of the credit claimed.


You’re already paying for these benefits in your taxes and will be for years to come. Make sure you get what you’re entitled to before it’s too late. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Client Feedback

"I was shocked to find out we were entitled to $124,000 in Employee Retention Credits. I didn’t think we qualified. Thank you for pushing me to consider this. The money will help offset the service revenue losses we’ve sustained."

Copy/Print dealership


"I still can’t believe we are getting a $56,000 refund from the IRS under the employee retention program. It’s like found money. You took a complicated process and made it easy. Thanks for your help."

POS dealership


"The ERC program seemed too good to be true. Who knew we could get a big refund from the IRS. It’s nice to have them sending us money instead of the other way around. We couldn’t have done it without Jim and Ilene’s help."

Copy/Print dealership

"Jim and Ilene,


I want to thank you both personally for the professional guidance and diligent support and follow through.  Today I received notice that we would be forgiven for $657,000.  You two are responsible for this. Left to my own, I probably would have taken a much smaller loan, but based on your guidance I took the biggest possible loan that I could justify with the thought that we would have enough money to weather the storm and pay it back when the time came through.  Jim, I could tell from your intense attention to the developments in the PPP process as it morphed that you were someone with suggestions I need to follow. Ilene, your support was exceptional and your tolerance of my repetitive questions and redirection to get me back on track was impactful. Thank you both!"

From an independent dealership of printers, MFPs and managed services.

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