Decoding the Business Stimulus Programs in the New Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA)

On December 27, 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) was signed into law.  Among many other things the law provides for additional business stimulus. Coming in at a whopping 5,593 pages the new law is quite long. Needless to say, there is a great amount of detail that is critically important to business owners. The new law provides for additional Paycheck Protection Loans, addresses numerous changes to the existing Paycheck Protection Program, addresses changes to existing Economic Injury Disaster Loans, provides new guidelines, and a significant opportunity for new benefits, for Employee Retention Tax Credits and much more.  We can confidently say that every business owner can realize additional benefits from the CAA. The challenge is decoding and digesting all of the information to know how to proceed.


To help you navigate this process Prosperity Plus can help you better understand the process and set your course correctly to maximize your forgiveness and minimize the potential for issues and problems. It is critical for you to understand this process fully as you, the business owner, are certifying the application and can be held personally responsible for any errors or incorrect statements or inaccurate data. 

Need Help Navigating the Process?

We Offer Two Programs Designed to Help

Paycheck Protection Program - Second Draw​

  • Analyze payroll to select best period

  • Create loan application for bank portal

  • Create strategy for maximizing forgiveness

  • Create forgiveness application for bank portal

  • Ensure all documentation is complete

Program Cost $1,495.00

Employee Retention Tax Credit

  • Analyze payroll for qualification

  • Compare to PPP for allowance

  • Work out retention credit per employee

  • Document all data for records

  • Coordinate with payroll provider

Program Cost $1,495.00

Client Feedback

"Jim and Ilene,


I want to thank you both personally for the professional guidance and diligent support and follow through.  Today I received notice that we would be forgiven for $657,000.  You two are responsible for this. Left to my own, I probably would have taken a much smaller loan, but based on your guidance I took the biggest possible loan that I could justify with the thought that we would have enough money to weather the storm and pay it back when the time came through.  Jim, I could tell from your intense attention to the developments in the PPP process as it morphed that you were someone with suggestions I need to follow. Ilene, your support was exceptional and your tolerance of my repetitive questions and redirection to get me back on track was impactful. Thank you both!"

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