Paycheck Protection Program:

Let's Help You Maximize Forgiveness & Safeguard Yourself Vs. Repercussions

With Paycheck Protection Program funds long spent, it is now time to turn your attention to the forgiveness process. To say it can be an arduous one would be an understatement. Missteps in the process could mean leaving money on the table or could have financial or legal repercussions. The SBA has three different applications with very specific rules as to which one must be used. For more confusion, each lender has a unique process for submitting the application and required data.


To help you navigate this process Prosperity Plus can help you better understand the process and set your course correctly to maximize your forgiveness and minimize the potential for issues and problems. It is critical for you to understand this process fully as you, the business owner, are certifying the application and can be held personally responsible for any errors or incorrect statements or inaccurate data. 

In Our Consulting Program, We Will:

Program Cost $1,495.00

  • Review and analyze your data to determine which forgiveness application is best.

  • Create a strategy for what expenses should be included to maximize forgiveness while minimizing potential exposure of the business or the business owner

  • Work closely with you to gather the required reports and data

  • Determine your forgiveness amount and review it with you

  • Work with your team to submit the application according to your lender’s requirements

  • Ensure you have the documentation that must be retained

  • Assist with any questions or issues that arise from the bank or the SBA



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