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The Business Analysis Program

Get a Clear View Over What Stands Between You & Your Goals.

It's not the economy or the industry or your market place. The most successful companies in the industry have two things in common: strong plans and strong execution of these plans.


The Business Analysis Program determines what is blocking your road to success. It draws from our 26+ years of experience working with hundreds of dealerships, giving you an in-depth analysis on everything from sales and marketing to service and administration. We find the roadblocks and help you remove them with proven management tools and best practices. We have helped many dealerships double their profitability in less than 1 year. At a cost of just $1,495 you can’t afford not to do this program.


Contact us today to hear more about the program.

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What Clients Have Said...

"I got a new appreciation for the structure of the organization. The DAP program was very helpful in getting me to verbalize my goals and 'talk through' the issues of what is needed to be done."

Dealer in North Carolina

"The analysis was like going to the doctor for a full check-up. We got a good understanding of what is preventing us from reaching our goals and a plan to get on track."

Dealer in California

"Wow. We literally found $25,000 in profit we were missing out on and had no idea."

Dealer in Texas

"I thought I knew what was holding us back; equipment sales. It turns out there was more to it. We now know why our profits were never what they should be and have a plan to fix it."

Dealer in New York

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