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When expansion, profitability, productivity and saner work environments are among your goals...

Value Builder

So You've Built a Successful Business...Now What?


Do you have a detailed exit plan? Do you know what your business is truly worth? Having no plan can cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the longer you wait to outline and execute a plan, the fewer options you'll have. You may find yourself a bit lost without a compass. So now is the time to secure your future and ensure it's what you want it to be. 


Chart a course to success with the Value Builder program as your guiding point. It starts with knowing what drives value

Business Analysis

Analysis Program - Prosperity Plus.png

If you have been detoured from the goals you have set for your business there are exact reasons why. And, it is not the economy or the industry or your market place. The most successful companies in the industry have two things in common: strong plans and strong execution of these plans.


The Dealership Analysis Program determines what is blocking your road to success. It draws from our 26+ years of experience working with hundreds of dealerships, giving you an in-depth analysis on everything from sales and marketing to service and administration. We find the roadblocks and help you remove them with proven management tools and best practices. We have helped many dealerships double their profitability in less than 1 year. At a cost of just $1,495 you can’t afford not to do this program. Contact us today to hear more about the program.


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Do you want to improve your cash flow and your profitability? Do you have a desire to speed up your growth and expansion? Is there an area of your business you'd like to debug? Prosperity Plus can custom-tailor a consulting program that will make the most sense for you. Since 2001 we have helped hundreds of businesses become more viable and more appealing places to work based purely on the proven workability of the Hubbard Management System and our own working knowledge of the industries in which we’ve been actively involved.

Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions

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If you are seriously thinking about selling your business, think about this; a good deal for you depends on how well you know the process and every subtle nuance that goes into a merger or acquisition; every angle and every possible question or twist that may arise along the way. And unless you know enough up front, something can come back to haunt you or dilute the return you may be entitled to after so many years of hard work. Many who have tried to handle it on their own have wound up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Marketing Communications

Marketing Programs - Prosperity Plus.png

The volume and variety of communication hitting our world is unbelievably high when you factor in the ways in which marketers out flow today. The concept of 24/7 marketing seems so new yet it is so dominant now that one really has to think and move more precisely in order to reach and influence a target audience with any kind of return or impact. 


Well that puts the priority on communication right where it belongs; at the top, and today is a good day to look at getting help from a resource that has been down this road many times; someone who has the knowledge and experience and yet still be enthusiastic enough to enjoy a challenge. 

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