Analysis & New Sales Program Help Sales Grow 49% at AAMSCO

Not too long ago, Geoff Riordan, the President and Owner of AAMSCO Identification Products, Inc. asked some members of his staff how they thought the dealership was doing. It had been some time since the company had undergone a Dealership Analysis Program with Prosperity Plus, so Riordan was simply curious to see what his key people were thinking.


The answer he got back surprised him.


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Analysis Program Helped ABS Grow Sales by 200%

When Advantage Business Systems, Inc. President Scott Day recalls the changes his dealership went through  he says it was a remarkable time with alterations to major product offerings, management assignments and more. Success, he says, depended on well-informed decisions and flawless planning; something he knew he would need help with since he was bringing ABS into an industry it had not been entirely familiar with before.

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Making a Big Splash with Monthly Promo Program

There are five branch offices within the Lineage group of office product dealerships. Of the five, Little Rock, AK stands out as an example by virtue of its recent sales growth in mailing systems and copier systems revenue. 

The key, says General Manager Dennis McCormick is the promo program the  branch uses on a monthly basis.

​“Everything you hear about frequency gets proven when you later find out a prospect became a customer after they have heard from us several times,”

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