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Link to information about the drivers of business value

We've Built a Step-by-Step Process

This process is designed to help you understand what drives business value today and into the future, and then put you in control of these key business areas.


  • View your business through the eyes of a potential buyer: 8 Value Drivers

  • Hone in on the areas that could negatively impact receiving a premium offer

  • Make improvements to better position your company for that premium offer and build your profit along the way

  • Industry-specific advice on the right improvements for your business


You'll benefit from a Certified Value Builder Advisor with industry-specific expertise earned by our participation in close to 300 office systems buy/sell transactions.

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Link to a questionnaire that provides information about selling one's business

The Value Builder Engagement Program is a consulting program that lays out the steps or modules you can work through in order to increase your company value and better position for a premium offer when you are ready to sell. 


Prosperity Plus is a certified Value Builder Advisor that can guide you through each module along the route. Our expertise will help you ensure the result you're looking for.


Contact us to learn more. Tel: 631.382.7762 or email us now.

Then There's the Value Builder Engagement Program

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