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Another Recent Deal Closed

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a hot trend in the business systems industry. If you're curious about this yourself and want to have a confidential chat, feel free to reach or 631.382.7762 to learn more.

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Prosperity Plus Assists Business World, Inc. in Sale to TDSiT

Kings Park, NY - Prosperity Plus today announced that Business World Inc. (BWI) has been acquired by TDSiT. Jim Kahrs and Prosperity Plus acted as an advisor to Stephen Carlisle and BWI throughout the transaction.

Founded in 1976 by Jerry Carlisle, Business World has been a leading provider of office systems throughout Arkansas. The business is based in Little Rock.

Since 1996, Tim Stanley and Total Document Solutions (TDSiT) has been the local source for Xerox in northwest Arkansas. TDSiT is also a full-service IT provider. TDSiT specializes in the ability to provide a high level of service to its customers throughout Arkansas.

Tim Stanley, owner of TDSiT, commented: “Our intention with this acquisition is to add services, products, and expertise to everything that’s already working for BWI customers, so that employees can continue to delight customers by providing them with technology that makes their lives easier and more profitable. Stanley went on to say he "is deeply honored to have the Carlisle family’s blessing to continue to honor Jerry Carlisle’s legacy by serving BWI’s customers, employees and management at the same high-caliber level that Carlisle established."

Stephen Carlisle, CEO and eldest son of the late Jerry Carlisle, BWI's founder, said “Joining with TDSiT was something that just made sense. Tim Stanley and my father had been close for years. Our corporate cultures align very well. I am excited for what our combined forces will accomplish moving forward. This will be a win-win for BWI's employees, customers and vendors.”

Specific details of the transaction are confidential and have not been released.

Prosperity Plus offers a full range of merger and acquisition services. The consulting group may represent either the buyer or the seller in a transaction. If you are thinking of selling your business or looking to buy another give us a call. For more information contact Jim Kahrs at Prosperity Plus Management Consulting, Inc., 631-382-7762 ext. 101 or

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