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Marketing Continuity Program

There is no denying the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our normal routines. In many areas, businesses that are non-essential have closed their offices and have employees working from home. Facilities and assets that are open and in circulation are being cleaned and maintained like never before, and you can certainly clear any industry conferences or trade show off your calendar until further notice.  Traffic on the roads is certainly lighter as society settles into this new term “social distancing” that’s become part of our vernacular.

While this has quieted many areas of business, this is no time to let your company communication go silent or dark.  Customers, suppliers and employees need to hear your business has not caved in over this COVID-19 crisis, nor does it plan to anytime soon.  That is the purpose of our Marketing Continuity Program – to keep your business visible and relevant to your audiences.  Afterall, no matter what economic relief packages come down the line from federal and state governments, we still have payroll to manage, rent to pay, goods to ship and service and so forth. That means production has to occur, including communication.

That said, we are offering a 3-month program which will provide several tactical services that can all be done remotely thanks to modern-day technology.  It includes email marketing, social media support, and website content copy writing and guidance. The purpose of this program is to keep your company communicating with professional messages on a consistent basis. Many of your competitors will go dark, we’re even hearing that some have laid off their sales reps. The companies that continue to communicate to their customer and prospects will recover the fastest.  We want that to be you!

So Here's a Special Program Offer

Content Creation and Management

We will create an overall plan for customer communications during this time, taking the lead with content for weekly emails, website and social media.  This content includes promotional emails, news/educational emails, videos (recorded by client and edited by Prosperity Plus) that can be emailed to customers and prospects, posted to social media and posted to website, creation of messages specific to the business operations and the effect of COVID-19, etc. 


Each business may have different things to convey depending on the complexion of their operation, but every organization has the need to outflow what it’s doing to keep people safe, how it is servicing customers and what impact any of this is having on their interaction with the company. In some cases, this may be the perfect time to use webinars and other online tools to keep your communication up and your audiences engaged. We will guide you there as well.

Website Management

We update the home page of your website regularly with relevant COVID-19 updates and data.  If it is not possible for us to do the updates directly, we will lead you or your provider through the updates.


Email Management

Set up (or assume responsibility for) client’s email account in either Constant Contact or MailChimp. Subscription fees for these platforms are billed directly to the client’s credit card by the vendor.

In the event of an entirely new account set up, or if the client has not used its email platform for some time, we will update its database of email addresses based on most current information available from the client. This should also include the company’s employees, suppliers and vendors who will be entered into separate email lists.

Content creation and development will include editorial guidance and copy writing for any company statements, posts, articles, promotional material and other pertinent communication that affects the company’s relations with its customers, suppliers, vendors and employees.

Given the rapidly changing nature of the news and data concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not placed any limits on the number or frequency of emails, social media posts or website announcements to be generated in this 3-month program. However, the target will be two to three emails per week. We have already seen news change on a daily basis in many areas of the industry given the intensiveness of the situation and the importance of communication during this crisis.

Social Media Management

We will provide supplementary copy writing and editorial services for the client’s social media platforms or pages. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Accounts will be set up for the client in any of these platforms where they do not yet have a presence. Content to be posted will complement what’s created and used on the email lines and every effort will be made to drive readers/visitors to appropriate landing pages on the company’s website.

Types of emails/posts:

  • COVID-19 updates – how we are responding and coping to the crisis (supply lines, service continuity, staff health and wellness, facilities, etc.).

  • Special Products or Services – in many cases, there are clients who are adjusting their business models to help combat the pandemic. If your business is doing this, customers need to know whether it’s a new line of readily available cleaning supplies, emergency preparedness or assistance with remote/home office applications.Content could also be created in video format (recorded by client with mobile device/laptop) and provided to us for editing and dissemination.


Our service fees during this time are going to be discounted for anyone who signs now

Three-Month Program Rate - $1,250.00/month This can be billed to a credit card to assist with cash flow.

Clients that are communicating are winning. Don’t let the pandemic knock your well-earned position in your area off the grid. Sign on to this program now and let the professional communicators help you weather the storm and come out the other side stronger than ever.

Call Tim Votapka, Director of Marketing Services

631.382.7762. Ext 102 or email

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