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Valuation & Sale Program

Are You Considering Selling or Buying?
Want to Know What It's Really Worth?
Want to the Best Terms in the Deal?

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It's Time to Consider Our Valuation & Sale Program

Your business is one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - assets you own. So when it comes time to sell this asset you MUST know its true value. Too often decisions about selling prices are based on emotions and not on true value. You want to get the highest possible price and buyers want to pay the lowest possible price. 

So how do you strike a win-win deal that works for you, your employees, your accountant and prospective buyers? 

He Who Understands the Process Comes Out Ahead

A good deal for you depends on how well you know the process and every subtle nuance that goes into a merger or acquisition; every angle and every possible question or twist that may arise along the way. And unless you know enough up front, something can come back to haunt you or dilute the return you may be entitled to after so many years of hard work. Many who have tried to handle it on their own have wound up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prosperity Plus has assisted around 200 individual merger/acquisition deals in North America. We can help you get the highest possible price for your business and help you negotiate the business aspects of your sale every step of the way. If you're thinking of selling, get our experience on your side. It could mean 20% to 50% more in the sale for you. 

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Or view our webinar: The 4 Stages of a Business Sale

What We've Heard From Clients...

"Jim always kept us informed of every detail of the transaction. His ability to navigate through the process was amazing. Due to his expertise, he was able to negotiate with the new buyers in a very professional manner. Jim has amazing ability to keep all parties focused on outcomes - not to get caught up on the 'small things.' He always had our interests at heart."

Copier/Printer/Mailing Systems Dealership

Columbia, MD

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