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Prosperity Plus Assists Customized Service Concepts in Sale to Everon

KINGS PARK, NY - Prosperity Plus today announced that Customized Service Concepts, LLC (CSC) has been acquired by Everon, the fourth such acquisition since the company emerged as a standalone organization last October. Prosperity Plus acted as an advisor to Bob and Kim Fortin, the owners of CSC throughout the transaction.


With the purchase of CSC, Everon is focused on enhancing its service capabilities for banking and financial institutions in the New England area and across the Northeast.

“Welcoming the CSC team to our organization proves we’re delivering on our promise to serve our customers more holistically across markets and particularly in the banking security industry,” said Dan Bresingham, Chief Executive Officer. “With CSC’s decades-long experience, particularly in the banking and financial sector, we’re adding critical expertise to our organization and enhancing the quality and depth of service we can provide across the New England area.”

CSC has established itself over the last 30 years as a leading provider of ATM and ITM hardware maintenance and banking security solutions across the New England region. With offices in Durham, CT and Goffstown, NH, the organization is focused on providing best-in-class services and comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to the banking and financial industry.

“At CSC, we’ve always prioritized being a partner over a service vendor to our clients. It’s that mentality that’s led to our longstanding success,” said Bob Fortin, Chief Executive Officer, CSC. “In joining Everon, we recognize that we’ll continue to be part of an organization that shares that customer-driven mindset and values partnership above all else. This is an exciting move for us, and we’re looking forward to our future with Everon.”

Specific details of the transaction are confidential and have not been released.


Prosperity Plus offers a full range of merger and acquisition services. The consulting group may represent either the buyer or the seller in a transaction. If you are thinking of selling your business or looking to buy another give us a call. For more information please contact Jim Kahrs at Prosperity Plus Management Consulting, Inc., 631-382-7762 ext. 101 or


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